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Before submitting content for publication by IFMA, we encourage your to review the IFMA Content Submission Guidelines.
All submissions must be originally produced works by the individual/s submitting this information. Any content found to be plagiarized will be immediately disqualified and not considered for publishing.

For inclusion into the Knowledge Library, all submitted documents should contain the following:
• Title page with authors and a description/abstract
• Necessary supplemental content and cover image
• Competency
• Keywords
• Industry
Incomplete submissions will be immediately disqualified and not considered for inclusion into the Knowledge Library.

We are now accepting Templates.

Now is your chance to gain access to a wide audience of FM readers, position yourself as a thought leader and help grow the practice of facility management.

From Friday, December 1, 2017 until Friday, February 23, 2018, we are accepting submissions for the following 9 templates. Please review the following submission guidelines and complete the submission form below.

1. Budgeting and Banking industry spreadsheets
2. Schedules
3. Checklists and spreadsheets
4. Standards operating procedures (SOP)
5. Contracts

Must include the following:
  • An offer. An expression of willingness by one part to contract on certain terms with another party with the understanding that the contract will become binding when accepted by the person to whom it is offered.
  • An acceptance. Final and unqualified expression of consent to the terms of an offer.
  • Lawful subject matter. Subject matter presented cannot be prohibited by law or violate public policy.

6. FM job descriptions

Must include the following:
  • Heading should include job title, pay grade or range, reporting relationship (by position), hours or shifts.
  • Summary objective of the job. List of general responsibilities and descriptions of primary tasks and their purposes; also, list key expectations of the position.
  • Qualifications. List the education, experience, training and technical skills required for the position.

7. HVAC servicing schedule/checklist

Must include the following:
  • Frequency and time of year that maintenance should be performed.
  • Specify the type of HVAC system that the checklist is applicable to.
  • Indicate whether the checklist is applicable for preventative maintenance, tune-up, Energy Star, etc.
  • Include all necessary assessments for a complete inspection.

8. Emergency Planning (Pre-Emergency/ Post-Emergency checklist and procedures)

Must include the following:
  • Identify regulations that establish minimum requirements for the specific emergency type.
  • Business impact analysis.
  • Resource management.
  • Business Continuity.
  • Crisis communication.
  • Employee Assistance.
  • Incident Management.
  • Testing and evaluation of the plan.
  • Identify when the plan should be reviewed/revised.
  • Instructions for use.

9. Scope of work

Must include the following:
  • Glossary. Explain any acronyms used in the SOW, and include definitions of odd or unusual terms.
  • Problem Statement. Succinctly describe the problem to be addressed.
  • Goals of the Agreement. Include a brief description of all goals, and how they should be met. Include any technical, economical, or time-based requirements.
  • Objectives of the Agreement/Deliverables. Include measurable objectives and deliverables.
  • Administration. Any meetings, calls, conferences, or other “soft” deliverables should be outlined in the administration portion of the SOW. Any requirement that is not a product of a specific task, but is required of the performing party, needs to be described here.
  • Timeline. Lay out all dates for the project including all intermediate tasks, and deliverables. 

Submission Process

This process should take no longer than ten minutes from start to completion, and you will receive an automated email that your submission has been successfully received.
Once submitted, a group of subject matter experts will vet the content to ensure its relevance and applicability to the intended profession.

Terms for Disqualification: All content that infringes on an existing copyright or privacy agreement, is advertorial in nature or relies on outdated data or information will not be considered.
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